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Bulk SMS Services !

It’s time to communicate effectively


Bulk SMS Services

Promote your business with branded bulk sms solutions

Providing the best bulk SMS with enterprise level business solutions

We have combined all the available cutting edge technology together for your success, below are the features of our Bulk Messaging

All our packages are loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.
Our Bulk SMS service is the ideal and cost effective marketing platform to simultaneously communicate with a large group of audience, for e.g. customers/audience, employees or channel members by just a Click. This mode of communication is the best to pass important messages like promotion, launches etc.

We provide 2 types of bulk SMS  solutions.


TRANSACTIONAL : Only transnational related messages contents as prescribed by TRAI is only allowed through this route. Instant & 24 x 7 Delivery to DND Numbers along with 6 Characters Sender ID available

MARKETING : This route is very economical and specially designed for bulk marketing campaigns and all other features are same as Normal Route but delivery timings are different in this route, messages triggered through this route will take 0 – 30 minutes to deliver.

Our Bulk SMS features

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel (Powered by HTML 5, JQUERY & AJAX)
  • In Built Mobile Database* & Random Number Generator Tool
  • Provide immediate results
  • Multi Language Messages (Unicode) Supports 9 Regional Languages
  • 4 different routes are available to choose based on your requirements.
  • Option to Remove Duplicate Number(s) from your Campaign
  • Option to Include or Exclude any number(s) from your Campaign.
  • 3 Options available to input numbers (Copy & Paste, CSV or TXT Upload & Select from Contacts)


Our Dynamic messaging allows you to send personalized message to each recipient; you can upload CSV or TXT File.

Example : Dear #dynamic value# Your Pending Amount is #dyanmic value#

Our System will automatically replace the value with the correct value in your excel or text sheet and sends to the corresponding recipient

Robust delivery mechanism with retry option to ensure all your messages are delivered.
• Intelligent Queue Management System with Clustered Load Balancing to ensure the timely delivery of messages.
• High through put with Multiple Operator Connectivity ensure uninterrupted delivery of messages.
• 100% Transparent & Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators (No Delivery Cut off OR Fake Reports)
• Quick Delivery Overview on the screen with Refresh Option (no need to download Data)
• Searchable & Detailed Delivery Reports to find the delivery status of a particular number.
• Export Complete Report to CSV Sheet

Industry First Unlimited Scheduling Option allows you to schedule messages to any date and Time*

Our Unique and most useful option – You can Save any Messages as Campaign by giving a Name, This campaign can be started later by just a Click OR an SMS
• Start Campaign with a Click
• Start Campaign by Sending an SMS from your registered Mobile Number
• Get Campaign Report as SMS

SMS Templates allows you to save any number of pre-defined messages and can be inserted into the message with a click

Our Robust & Powerful API’s enables you to deploy messaging platform into your existing infrastructure or any 3 rd party Software or Applications

Compatible with all Development Platforms (PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA, C , C++, VB)

Apart from API Connectivity we can also Provide SMPP Connectivity, FTP Upload, Database Drop or any Custom Made Connectivity Type to meet your requirements

  • SMPP Protocol
  • FTP Upload Database
  • Drop Custom Solutions


Multi Language Messages (Unicode) Supports 9 Regional Languages

Our SMS gateway offers you wider coverage than any other SMS provider delivering messages to 800 network operators in 200 countries. When it comes to message delivery, we are totally network independent, our message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing, and our intelligent routing technology will seek out the lowest cost international routes. (Tie-up with 13 International local SMSC's)

  • Connected to 200+ Countries & 800+ Networks Globally
  • Tie-up with 13 International Local SMSC's
  • Lowest Cost International Routes


Track SMS Plugin is an advanced plugin for your SMS account which enables you to track each and every SMS

  1. Clicks - Who clicked on your messages, how many clicks and details of URL clicked.
  2. Device Details - Your Customer's Mobile OS - Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry
  3. Browser Details - Which browser each mobile number is using
  4. Geo Location - Customer geo-location, Network & Circle


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